All of our made-to-order items are sweatshop-free and constructed from domestic fabrics. We use American Apparel T-shirts for our screen printed collection. American Apparel clothing is made in Los Angeles, California, USA and is sweatshop-free.

What's Etsy? Why Sell There?

Etsy is the world’s handmade marketplace.
"...bringing heart to commerce and making the world more fair, more sustainable, and more fun." - Etsy

We support Etsy because we believe they honor local businesses more than the other online markets do. Etsy is a large community of like-minded business owners selling side-by-side. By working closely with our peers sellers are able to inspire, support, and hopefully encourage others to start their own sustainable companies. We, personally, believe if more companies hired within their communities and used more locally-made supplies the overall quality of life could improve for millions worldwide.

Indie-Handmade vs Manufactured

Bigger companies rely on quantity, inexpensive labor, and tax breaks to remain competitive and maximize profits. While they are able to attain workers and materials at a significantly lower cost via outsourcing, their carbon footprint is significantly larger.

A small indie company will have higher material costs and a limited work output, but they tend to excel in customer service, are more likely to be supportive to the community, and offer higher quality work. For them, it's less about profit and more about passion for an art.

Why Buy Handmade? Why Support Local Businesses?

- Handmade goods boost local economy and employment
- Appreciate the insane courage and faith it takes to start a small company in today's world
- You support an artist, feed a family, & keep an endangered craft alive
- Allows more product diversity outside what's already offered in most stores
- Local, handmade companies tend to pay workers more and care about their well-being

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